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It’s finally arrived. Ahem, err, well, nearly…..

Microsoft has started to roll out the latest release of Windows  tell it’s existing Windows 8 users that the latest version of Windows, Windows 10, is available to reserve now for FREE download in the future. Have a look here for the details of how to reserve your upgrade – but beware, you’ll need to wait a while longer; the release date has been confirmed for July 29th.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 users are receiving an upgrade notification icon in the notification bar which when clicked opens a window for you to sign up to reserve your free copy.

If you want to see what’s new in Windows 10, have a look at this video. We’ve been using the preview version at Brosys for some months now, and although we’ve not been using a touch screen PC, we quite like it as an improvement on some of the changes in Windows 8 that we saw when it was released, but just never really liked.

So hats off to Microsoft for listening to users, and roll on 29th July!

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There are lots of good, free email services available, and aside from the fact that you can’t have a customised email address, see here, why wouldn’t you use them for business email?

To try and answer that question, I thought it’d be sensible to establish what you need for a business class email service. So, here’s my list of essentials;

  1. Full synchronisation with mobile devices; this is a a must. If you’ve read an email, or moved it to a different folder on one of your email devices, it should be shown as having been read or moved to a different folder on ALL of your devices. Some email services provide only limited support for email access meaning that you have to manage emails separately on different connected devices. This wastes time and can lead to inconsistencies across your devices.
  2. Access to calendar and contacts from all of your connected devices. Not strictly email, but now so common even in free services that it should be a minimum. In the olden days, our mobile phones used to hold  a list of telephone numbers on the SIM card, and our PCs would have the list of email addresses. But now that we can send email and make voice and video calls from all our PCs, smartphones, tablets etc, we need to know that they all access the same up-to-date set of contact and calendar information.
  3. Ability to create email aliases. Even for a ‘one man business’ it can be helpful to provide a range of different email addresses for customers to contact you. Some of the obvious contact addresses to use include; sales@yourdomainname, accounts@yourdomainname or support@@yourdomainname. These give your customers and prospective customers an easy way to get in touch with you. That’s always a good thing, and depending on the service you use, can also be used to help you to organise and file email that you send out.
  4. Custom domain name. I wasn’t going to repeat myself, but I can’t help it. If you already have a web site, you really should be making use of your domain name (your website address) to take advantage of free marketing opportunities and to reinforce your brand. See this post for more details. And if you don’t already have a website, then please get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

So, if you have a free email service that gives you access to these services, then well done, and let us know about it. Otherwise, you may want to consider upgrading to a paid for service such one of the  Microsoft Office365 Business plans.

I hope this has helped you, but if you have any questions or want more information on using cloud based services then please call Brosys on 01630 298228, email, or use the Contact Page.

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Office365 Custom Domain Name

So, you’re a business owner; you’ve got your website with your own custom domain name and it’s attracting customers. But when you send an email out, your emails are being sent from your personal email address; or

Many of the free email providers services are just fine for personal use; but what confidence do your customers have that your email has come from a legitimate source, rather than from someone masquerading as you. And what sort of message does it send…? Does it look professional…?

If you want to send email with your own personalised domain name, but are unsure about how to get started, then contact us at Brosys for advice and help, and if you want a starter website, we can help with that too!

Alternatively try Office365 (free trial here) and make use of the built-in facilities immediately, including mobile email access, team calenders and cloud based file storage.

And custom email domain names aren’t just for business either…. what about one for your family, with an email address for each member, or as an unique gift for your partner?

For more information about custom domain names, call Brosys on 01630 298228, email, or use the Contact Page.

Custom domain names for email and websites




13 May 2015


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ChoicesOn the face of it, computer repairs are a balancing act between the cost of a repair and the cost of a replacement computer. However, in our experience there is often an emotional attachment to a trusted friend that may have served you for years, and more than that, the consideration of the impact of a change to a new computer.

A new system will probably have a brand spanking new operating system. It will most likely be faster than your old system. And it will have a new look and feel that you to get used to. And your desktop icons will all be in a different place. And you won’t have the same programs that you had before. And…… and so on and so on. I’m sure you know what I mean….. There are obvious benefits, but clearly there are downsides to having replacement computer, which, whilst being emotional and personal issues, cannot be discounted.

So what to do?

Well, the first thing to say is that because buying a replacement computer or upgrading an existing PC is such a very personal experience, at Brosys we won’t tell you what you should do. What we can do though is to offer advice about the benefits of the repair and the benefits of an upgrade and the associated costs.

We can help to make an upgrade to a new computer as painless as possible, we may be able to suggest ways of working around the problem with an existing PC as a short term fix. We will even tell you what we would do if we were in your position. But at the end of the day, the choice is yours.

So if you’re thinking about replacing an old PC, please call us for advice and information on 01630 298228

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07 May 2015


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During a web browsing session recently I came across an report (Summary Report here) and related detail (here) from Which? the consumer rights organisation, following a test of the services of a number of computer service providers. The article itself is just under a year old now.

Anyway, I don’t intend to repeat the details of the article here, but will say that it confirms many of our thoughts about the services offered by the large providers, who on the face of it may appear to offer cheap prices, but seem to result in unexpectedly large bills at the end of the process, and with very little in the way of providing a personal service.

At Brosys, we will always be up-front about the likely cost and limitations of a repair – normally providing the information without being asked! We will ask you how you use the computer and use this understanding to suggest ways to improve your system and how you use it – beyond the repair that you may have come to us for initially.

By doing this, we believe we can offer excellent value to all our clients and is the best way to build a great reputation for excellent service. Simply through keeping your best interests at the heart of what we do.

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10 Dec 2014


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All businesses need feedback from customers – both good and bad; and whilst it’s always reassuring and comforting to receive positive feedback,  we must also embrace negative comments and learn from them. Without feedback, how can we know what we’re doing right to try to improve the products and services that we deliver.

In this era of online social media, here at Brosys we encourage our customers to share their feedback with others through electronic means, either Google (, Yell ( or of course Facebook (

Sometimes though, we are just pleasantly surprised; and last week we received the modern equivalent of a Thank You card sent to us via email. The text of the message along with a screen shot is shown below; so we’d like to say thank you to Mr Mills for taking the time to send this message to us, and to all those of you who’ve posted your feedback to the internet using one of the online services. Thank you all!

email Feedback

Email text:

Attention of :  Gerard Fradley

Having had my PC back from you for almost a month now, I wish  to say how pleased I have been with the result of your service.

Internet browsing was previously a nightmare.

So now being back to normality (whatever that may be on the internet) I can only say thank you, and value for money in my case!

Kind Regards and thanks again,   Mark Mills

Computer repair Drop Off and Collect serviceA big welcome and thank you to Rav at Northwood Lane Stores in Clayton, Newcastle under Lyme, who has joined our computer repair drop off and collect service.

His store, Northwood Lane Stores is a member of the Premier Stores Group, which with 2950 stores nationwide an offers you the very best value in convenience products combined with the personality and entrepreneurial spirit of the independent retailer.

Their aim is to provide you with a range of convenience products at exceptionable value so you won’t need to look far to get exactly what you need.

And now that they also provide computer repairs via Brosys, they can provide you with just a little more help to get what you need.

Contact the store on 01782 633001, or for computer repairs only, call Brosys on 01782 479259

Brosys new look website

Hello, and welcome!

For any returning visitors and regular clients, it will be obvious that over here at Brosys we’ve had a bit of a facelift. We like to think of it more in terms of a reapplication of make-up rather than something involving the use of surgical tools!

Behind the fresh, new logo, and the completely revamped website, we’re the same friendly people; keen to give you great service, good advice and always at sensible prices. Have a browse through our website and if you want to give us some feedback then please get in touch and drop us a note.

And of course, sensibly, we haven’t done it on our own. So we’ll take this opportunity to thank the clever chaps over at Kent House in Stoke ( who’ve taken the time to listen to us, find out what we like, and helped to create  the new look. We think it’s pretty good actually! Thanks gents.

We’re delighted to anounce that customers can now drop off their laptop and desktop computers for repair at Chris Fennell Applicances in Market Drayton.

We’d like to thank Chris for his help and support. Thanks Chris!

Chris supplies a vast range of home and domestic applicances in his tardis-like shop and are main dealers for Bosch. They also stock other leading brands including Dyson, Rangemaster, Hotpoint, Beko, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Ice King, Samsung, LG, Zanussi, Creda and Belling. Deliveries can be made to Market Drayton, Telford, Shrewsbury, Stoke on Trent, Newcastle under Lyme, Crewe and Nantwich.

Call on 01630 655868 for home appliances and repairs, or 01630 298228 for Computer Servicing,  or just pop into the shop:

Towers Lawn
Cheshire Street
Market Drayton


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