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New Windows CNN Quote


It’s finally arrived. Ahem, err, well, nearly…..

Microsoft has started to roll out the latest release of Windows  tell it’s existing Windows 8 users that the latest version of Windows, Windows 10, is available to reserve now for FREE download in the future. Have a look here for the details of how to reserve your upgrade – but beware, you’ll need to wait a while longer; the release date has been confirmed for July 29th.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 users are receiving an upgrade notification icon in the notification bar which when clicked opens a window for you to sign up to reserve your free copy.

If you want to see what’s new in Windows 10, have a look at this video. We’ve been using the preview version at Brosys for some months now, and although we’ve not been using a touch screen PC, we quite like it as an improvement on some of the changes in Windows 8 that we saw when it was released, but just never really liked.

So hats off to Microsoft for listening to users, and roll on 29th July!

Office365 Custom Domain Name

So, you’re a business owner; you’ve got your website with your own custom domain name and it’s attracting customers. But when you send an email out, your emails are being sent from your personal email address; or

Many of the free email providers services are just fine for personal use; but what confidence do your customers have that your email has come from a legitimate source, rather than from someone masquerading as you. And what sort of message does it send…? Does it look professional…?

If you want to send email with your own personalised domain name, but are unsure about how to get started, then contact us at Brosys for advice and help, and if you want a starter website, we can help with that too!

Alternatively try Office365 (free trial here) and make use of the built-in facilities immediately, including mobile email access, team calenders and cloud based file storage.

And custom email domain names aren’t just for business either…. what about one for your family, with an email address for each member, or as an unique gift for your partner?

For more information about custom domain names, call Brosys on 01630 298228, email, or use the Contact Page.

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