Data TunnelWhen your computer comes to us for service, we will assume that your data (which includes photographs, documents, databases and your system files and folders) is backed up. Often we will ask you to confirm this, but otherwise we shall assume that you have full backups of your data.

Most computer systems hold data on hard disk drives which, due to the technology that they use, is one of the most likely parts of your computer to fail (unless you’re using a Solid State Drive which uses electronic components). This means that your hard drive may fail through perfectly normal reasons whilst your computer is with us for service.

Although we will be keen to assist with the recovery of your system, obviously we cannot be held responsible for a spontaneous failure of the data storage system or other parts of your computer system, and any resulting loss of data.

Further, some repairs in particular, increase the likelihood of data loss in other ways. e.g. virus or malware clean-up use aggressive techniques to access files which occasionally, (although rarely), results in corruption of the file. This is a rare, but nonetheless unfortunate, consequence of virus and malware infections and is a reminder that you should ensure that you have good, up to date, backups of your system and your valuable data at all times. In addition, any work that involves removal of critical components will raise the risk of a failure of that or associated components.

Finally, to provide you with some reassurance, we will treat your equipment with the same care that we’d use to deal with our own, but if your data is not backed up when your computer comes to us for service, please ask us to make a backup. And if you need advice on the best and most appropriate methods of keeping your data secure, then please get in touch and we’ll be pleased to help you.

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