All businesses need feedback from customers – both good and bad; and whilst it’s always reassuring and comforting to receive positive feedback,  we must also embrace negative comments and learn from them. Without feedback, how can we know what we’re doing right to try to improve the products and services that we deliver.

In this era of online social media, here at Brosys we encourage our customers to share their feedback with others through electronic means, either Google (, Yell ( or of course Facebook (

Sometimes though, we are just pleasantly surprised; and last week we received the modern equivalent of a Thank You card sent to us via email. The text of the message along with a screen shot is shown below; so we’d like to say thank you to Mr Mills for taking the time to send this message to us, and to all those of you who’ve posted your feedback to the internet using one of the online services. Thank you all!

email Feedback

Email text:

Attention of :  Gerard Fradley

Having had my PC back from you for almost a month now, I wish  to say how pleased I have been with the result of your service.

Internet browsing was previously a nightmare.

So now being back to normality (whatever that may be on the internet) I can only say thank you, and value for money in my case!

Kind Regards and thanks again,   Mark Mills

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