Computer Systems

Are your PCs and Servers Starting to Show Their Age?

Slow Computers, Servers and network equipment are a drain on your business’s resources. If your team is using outdated and under performing computer hardware or network equipment then even simple tasks will take longer – your staff are less productive which costs you money!

No-one wants to spend unnecessarily; Brosys will evaluate your existing IT hardware and prioritise where most benefit can be made from system upgrades; or advise ways to make better use of existing hardware. In the event that new systems are needed, we can plan the best way to move forward, taking into account the needs of the business and the use that the systems are being put to.

Every Business Needs a File Server – Really…..?

We don’t believe that every business has the same needs. Depending on a range of considerations, you may not even need a file server – so reducing support costs and eliminating a potential point of failure. Brosys will look at sensible alternatives to conventional wisdom – the only objective being to meet the needs of the business, including costs, simplicity and information requirements.

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