Server Virtualisation

Virtualise your servers.

Reduce server hardware costs and support overhead, and increase speed of recovery after a hardware failure. i.e. Completely remove (well, almost) the most vulnerable part of your IT infrastructure.

Virtualisation of servers simply means running all of your existing server operating systems and services e.g. file storage, databases, email or others, on a single (or at least fewer) servers. Virtualisation allows you to compartmentalise a single server and install multiple instances onto the same physical hardware.

Benefits of server virtualisation:

  • Allows you to increase hardware efficiency by merging workloads without impacting on performance of important systems. And if a particular virtualised server needs more processor power, memory or both for a short time, then simply borrow from another less important virtual server – instantly.
  • Reduce support costs; with fewer servers there are fewer hardware failures and so a lower cost of ownership.
  • Reduce time to recover from a failure;  traditional server recovery has typically required a partial server install and then a restore of tens or hundreds of thousands of files from a  backup. Virtualisation encapsulates an entire server into a handful, or even just one file, making recovery simple.
  • Servers can be recovered onto almost any hardware. So even a catastrophic server failure will not require days of downtime for recovery.
  • Server upgrades are simplified; because virtual servers only see the virtualisation layer and not the underlying hardware, it means that upgrading a server can be done without having to perform a complete install on the new server hardware.

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