During a web browsing session recently I came across an report (Summary Report here) and related detail (here) from Which? the consumer rights organisation, following a test of the services of a number of computer service providers. The article itself is just under a year old now.

Anyway, I don’t intend to repeat the details of the article here, but will say that it confirms many of our thoughts about the services offered by the large providers, who on the face of it may appear to offer cheap prices, but seem to result in unexpectedly large bills at the end of the process, and with very little in the way of providing a personal service.

At Brosys, we will always be up-front about the likely cost and limitations of a repair – normally providing the information without being asked! We will ask you how you use the computer and use this understanding to suggest ways to improve your system and how you use it – beyond the repair that you may have come to us for initially.

By doing this, we believe we can offer excellent value to all our clients and is the best way to build a great reputation for excellent service. Simply through keeping your best interests at the heart of what we do.

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